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Kristel Kriisa is an adept educator with exceptional digital proficiency, passionate about AI and EdTech. Kristel currently holds the position of AI Project Manager at the Estonian Information System Authority.

Liaising with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and IT, she leads a project to support public sector organizations seeking to provide AI-based services. Her responsibilities include ensuring global visibility of Estonia's AI capabilities and contributing to Estonia’s third National AI Strategy.

Previously, Kristel led on delivering English Examinations at the Education and Youth Board of Estonia, creating and delivering both paper-based and computer-based examinations nationwide for ten years.

She began her career as a full-time Teacher near Tallinn, where for 12 years she enjoyed developing 15-19 year-olds at the heart of the most advanced digital society in the world.

Kristel’s own education saw her achieve three university degrees within the transformative education and academic excellence of Tallinn University. She graduated with an MSc in Educational/Instructional Technology, MA in Language Interpretation and Translation, and BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Kristel has authored two novels that received significant acclaim upon their publication in Estonia, and she is currently gearing up to pen her third work in the near future.

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